The Difference Lies In Our Preparation Of The Product.

There are no shortcuts in our craft – It is what goes on underneath the topcoat that determines the quality of our work. We make sure that we suggest the best pre-treatment regime according to the environment that your product will be exposed to, to ensure a quality product. The integrity with which your metal is treated has a direct impact on the quality and durability of the final product.

Being the only accredited Powder Coaters (INTERPON) in the South West and one of only four(4) in Western Australia out of more than 120 powder coaters in Western Australia is testament to our high standard of workmanship and quality product.

Bunbury Powder Coaters is well recognized for their quality workmanship throughout Bunbury and the South West. After all we have been serving the South West for more than 30 years so we must be doing something right.

That’s the Bunbury Powder Coaters’ difference!

Accredited Powder Coaters (INTERPON)

Interpon Approved Applicators are a part of a network of coaters in Australia, who are assessed against comprehensive criteria on an ongoing basis to ensure their pre-treatment and application procedures meet our high-quality standards.

This assurance of quality application means we can offer warranties when applied by Interpon Approved Applicators.

Steelplex Accreditation

Steelplex™ Approved Applicators can provide corrosion protection warranties to a range of Interpon coating systems for application to steel substrates.

There are five levels of Steelplex™ accreditation:

  • Steelplex™ Diamond 5
  • Steelplex™ Diamond 10
  • Steelplex™ Ruby
  • Metaplex Commercial
  • Metaplex Standard

The status of the applicator determines which system they are approved to apply

Bunbury Powder Coaters are the only powder coaters with Interpon Accreditation in the South West. Being an accredited Interpon applicator, we can offer corrosion and workmanship warranties of 5 or 10 years. Our projects are all completed in accordance to Australian Standards 4505 – 2005

NB! For accreditation certification to apply the job need to be discussed beforehand and quoted accordingly.

Interpon Metaplex® and Steelplex™ Warranty Systems

Our Metaplex® and Steelplex™ warranty systems offers up to 15 years for steel and non-architectural aluminium applications for film integrity, color retention and corrosion protection.

Warranty name Metaplex® Standard Metaplex® Commercial Steelplex™ Ruby Steelplex™ Diamond 5 Steelplex™ Diamond 10
Warranty logo   Interpon Metaplex Standard Logo Interpon Metaplex Commercial Logo  Interpon Steelplex Ruby Warranty Logo Interpon Steelplex Diamond 5 Warranty Logo Interpon Steelplex Diamond 10 Warranty Logo
Suitable substrates Mild steel Mild steelHot dip galvanising

Galvanised tube

Hot & cold rolled steel

Stainless steel

Non-architectural aluminium extrusions

Mild steel Mild steel Mild steel
Top coats Interpon D1000 or Interpon 200 Interpon 200 Interpon D2015 Ultriva™ Interpon D1000 Interpon D1000 or Interpon D2015 Ultriva™ Interpon D2015 Ultriva™
Film integrity warranty* 10 years 10 years 15 years 10 years Up to 15 years 15 years
Color retention warranty* 10 years 10 years 15 years 10 years Up to 15 years 15 years
Corrosion protection warranty* Up to 3 years Up to 5 years Up to 10 years
Preparation standards AS4506
Primer Optional Required Required Required Required
Application system 1-coat 2-coat 2-coat 2-coat 3-coat
Environmental conditions Located greater than 100 metres from shoreline of coat All locations Greater than 500 metres from coastal or aggressive atmospheres Greater than 500 metres from coastal or aggressive atmospheres Greater than 20 metres from coastal or aggressive atmospheres
Project suitability Domestic residential Commercial and industrial

(excludes architectural aluminium extrusions – see Interpon D warranty)


Domestic residential and commercial Domestic residential and commercial Domestic residential and commercial
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*Warranty applies only when coated by an Interpon Approved Applicator. Terms and conditions apply.


 Interpon Specification Guide

 Interpon Steelplex™ Brochure

 Interpon Metaplex® Standard Brochure

 Interpon Metaplex® Commercial Brochure


What standards do Steelplex™ warranties meet?

Interpon products required for Steelplex™ warranties meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and Standards Australia.

AAMA Standards are the globally recognised specification, performance requirement and test procedure for organic coatings on aluminium extrusions and panels as set out by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. The standards assist architects, owners, and contractors to specify coatings for aluminium applications that will provide and maintain a minimum level of performance.

AS3715 for ‘Metal Finishing – Thermoset powder coating for architectural applications of aluminium and aluminium alloys’. It sets out the Australian standards required for pre-treatment, application and performance of powder coatings on aluminium substrates.

What is the Building Code of Australia (BCA)?
The Building Code of Australia (BCA) provides a nationally accepted and uniform set of technical requirements for all areas of a building, from design to construction. Developed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on behalf of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, the BCA is referred to as the building regulation in all States and Territories – 2010 – these are the regulatory Australian guidelines which defines construction requirements for residential and commercial projects.

How are the warranties issued?

Only Interpon Approved Applicators are eligible to offer Steelplex™ Ruby, Diamond 5 and Diamond 10 warranties.

A project certificate outlining the project and product details will be issued to the Approved Applicator upon completion of work.

What is the difference between an Interpon Approved Applicator and non-Approved Applicator?

Our network of approved applicators is regularly assessed against comprehensive criteria and rigorous application guidelines. Applicators are quality controlled to best in class standards to ensure their pre-treatment and application procedures meet these strict guidelines.

These standards are designed to ensure the application process is adhered to in accordance with the requirements of both AkzoNobel and global industry standards, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

What happens if I do not use an Interpon Approved Applicator?

Unfortunately, the coated components will not be eligible for warranty. If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will work with you to find a resolution.

How do I become an Interpon Approved Applicator?

You can apply to become an Interpon Approved Applicator. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Express Powder Coating on Commercial and Industrial Projects

Our comprehensive facilities allow for residential, commercial, automotive and industrial projects of scale to be sandblasted and powder coated in one location. Our metals are treated and coated to the highest quality, resulting in standout final products that save you time and money.

We have a 24 hour express service available on request.

Add Value to Your Property with Quality Finishes

Would you like to re-do your vehicle rims? We specialise in rims weather car, ute or truck rims, we do them all. Have a look at our gallery for ideas and the quality of our work.

Does your outdoor set need a new life? It will be as good as new when we are done with it.

Need to complete a project? Have it powder coated! Our highly experienced team can provide you with the best advise as to how to make your project look best and last.

The Bunbury Powder Coaters Process

The type of metal, its use, and the environment that it will live in will determine the pre-treatment process.

Aluminium will be acid cleaned, chrome treated, and powder coated.

Steel will be either acid cleaned, chrome treated, and powder coated, or acid cleaned, sandblasted, primed and topcoat applied.

We offer 4 levels, (stages) of powder coating according to Australian standards 4506 – 2005.

Level 1: Standard powder coating,

Level 2: Base level of corrosion protection,

Level 3: Coastal protection.

Level 4: Certified Corrosion protection as per INTERPON Warranty.