Evenly Coloured Coatings for Building and Commercial Projects

Powder coating your infrastructure, building structures or commercial is a cost (and time) effective alternative for liquid paint.

Powder coating involves a 4 step process:

  1. Treating your metal structures (steel, chrome etc), and frames in our top of the line chemical baths for maximum strength and a clean finish. Our pre-treatments are customised to the environmental conditions your metal will be facing, and which type of metal you’re coating.
  2. Sandblasting your metal post oxidation, to remove any scratches, rust or old paint.
  3. Coating your metal in a protective Epoxy primer.
  4. Baking and sealing your metalwork.

Our facilities are large enough to handle most commercial, industrial and automotive powder coating and sandblasting projects, and with our team’s combined sixty years of experience, our turnaround from quote to delivery of a final product is second to none.

All work is┬áhas a standard workmanship warranty of 12 months, and is adherent to Australian Standard 4505 and 4506. We are the only Interpon accredited powder coaters in the South West, so you can rest assured you’re in the best hands!

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