30 Years of Making Metal Magnificent

Powder Coating Results That Last

Our difference is in the way we treat our metals. There are no shortcuts in our craft – each item is custom treated in accordance to the metal used and the environmental conditions applicable. The integrity with which your metal is treated has a direct impact on the endurance and durability of the final product, and we are well recognised for our high quality throughout Bunbury and the South West.

For example, a beach side home’s fencing will experience saltier conditions than a city based home fence. Our process takes all of these factors into account for correct pre-treatment and a long lasting, beautiful finish.

Treatment and Processes

Our products are treated in our state of the art facilities, including huge acid baths to smooth out the metal and get it ready for sandblasting and then coating.

Any commercial items are all tested in a salt bath and oxidised for maximum strength and durability. There are no shortcuts in our process – all steps are manned by professional workers who have years of experience in the field to ensure for a consistently satisfying result each time.

Interpon Accredited Powder Coaters

Bunbury Powder Coaters are the only powder coaters with Interpon Accreditation in the South West. Being an accredited Interpon applicator, we can offer corrosion and workmanship warranties of 5 or 10 years (to be discussed before work begins). Our projects are all completed in accordance to Australian Standards 4505 and 4506.